Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Let ‘Down To Earth’ Be Your New Mojo

It’s Friday and you are waiting on your guests. The past week, especially yesterday, had you on your toe what with all the party prep and decors. So finally, when your guests arrive they are bowled over by your wit and charisma, decorations and arrangements. No doubt, they had every reason to look up to and they did, but none to look down to. Now, don’t doubt our sanity just yet because we, McKay Flooring, has given a whole new meaning to the term- ‘look down to’. Consider this, your hours of toiling with the ceiling and lighting selections, ultimately, bought you a mesmerizing view of your living room, and then suddenly, you look down and your face drops. What’s with the floor, you think? And, so does your guests.

Now consider again, the door opens, your guest looks ahead and is enchanted by the flower arrangements, the chandeliers, the wallpapers and everything hung on those walls. Mesmerized, he lifts his foot and his eyes catch the sight of your Edinburgh Parquet. You watch his eyes gleam in surprise and his lips parting to an O in admiration. You watch him sigh and greet you with all the appreciation there is under the roof. And that’s when you realize how much it means to be look down to. You hear words of admiration coming from every corner of the living room. Not a single eye in the room, as you curiously notice thereafter, wouldn’t, for one reason or another, return to your living rooms floor and that brilliant wooden wall cladding. For all you know, you have just become the talk of the town.

There’s more to the story for that was only your living room. Consider now, you finally decide to offer the guests a tour of your house. You smile as you watch them marvel the genius of your Scottish Wood Flooring in the master bedroom, LVT Flooring in your study, Artificial Grass and Court Markings in the backyard. Wouldn’t you be floored with all that attention? And then again, wouldn’t you be glad to be looked down to? We have a feeling we already know the answer. So, the next time you get McKay, be prepared to not just be look up to but, well you know it now, don’t you?

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