Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Be aware of a bad contractor- warning signs

Everybody wants their home sweet home to look elegant, be it a floor or be it a roof. Renovation of a home includes a lot of stress and a wood flooring contractor performs as a guiding hand. But, hiring the wrong contractor may waste your money and give you plenty of headaches. In this blog, you will read the warning signs of an immoral contractor.
Sends the entire estimate with a single number
An estimate is a complex part of every project. This estimation includes the individual cost of every item and the detailed list with the breakdown of each. A dishonest contractor could come back to you in the half way to request you for more money and then there would be no proof left with you. This also helps as a way to protect the contractor from unexpected circumstances which could sum to material costs or additional labor.
Incapable of answering technical questions
Before scheduling the first appointment with the wood flooring contractor, you have to do your homework first. Ask the contractor about the methods of installing and other technical questions. If they give the wrong answers to even a simple question, say goodbye to them!
Comes extremely late or no show without a phone call
Most contractors have busy schedules and some might be trying to manage multiple projects while taking on new clients. This is understandable! But at least they could do is reschedule the meeting with a phone call. All home contractors initiate by coming to your home for an estimate to see the job site. This might seem like something minor but it should make you wonder if your home will be a priority after you hire them.

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