Thursday, 26 January 2017

Various advantages of hardwood flooring you should know!

Hardwood floors look nice, and we are not the only ones who say so. A survey found more than 80 percent agree that homes with hardwood floors sell faster. Hardwood flooring is high on the list when it comes to making smart investments in your home. When renovating or building a home, flooring options can leave you to feel overwhelmed. Tile, carpet, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, stone, and hardwood flooring. We have an obvious preference at Hardwood Flooring. However, beyond the fact that they look great, plus a number of advantages.
·         They’re natural and more environmentally friendly than rumor might have you believe.
·         Hardwood floors will literally last a lifetime.
·         Dirt and allergens have nowhere to hide.
·         The wide variety of colors, textures, and styles make wood very versatile.
Here are four advantages of hardwood flooring that will compel you to renovate your home with wood flooring UK.
It's Maintainable and Eco-Friendly
Few people think that hardwood floors are not environmentally friendly, but we disagree. For example, bamboo has a name for being environmental friendly. It's a grass that grows speedily that makes it a renewable resource.
It's Versatile and Tough
As long as you give it an occasional dusting and wipe any wet spills, it doesn't take much maintenance to keep hardwood floors looking great. Wood is a natural product and it is vulnerable to scratches and dents from regular use. Choosing the best hardness, color, and finish for your needs, however, reduces the risk of damage and helps minimize marks.
You Can Breathe Easy

Of your flooring options, carpets are the worst for hiding dust, dirt, and germs. You can vacuum and scrub the most visible top layer, but once that dirt has entered in, especially messy wet spill, you are stuck. Thus, carpet has the shortest lifespan of all flooring types. For people with allergies, wood flooring UK is one of the best options. Other flooring types, like tile and vinyl, are also good options but require adhesives which may themselves contain allergens.

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